IT Presentation

Offical Site of Square Payments


My IT Presentation that my partner and I choose was the concept of small business transactions using the product Square Payment.

My partner Dylan Washington and I choose this technology because it will revolutionize the way small business is done. This product is a combination of a application for smartphones and a separate devise. This devise plugs into your smart phone and is a magnetic reader for credit cards. The application takes the swiped information and uses it to process business transaction between buyers and sellers.

Dylan himself choose the topic because he owns his own entrepreneurial Coffee business. He uses to market his product and get his brand of coffee noticed over the internet.

For example a small business owner can purchase this product and download it to their phone. This product will allow a business owner (like Dylan) to directly make buying his products from producers a lot easier. If Dylan wanted to go out and buy the coffee from growers he could use square payments to buy the coffee and instantly would send this transaction straight to his bank. Also when customers buy his coffee he can sell right on the streets. This devise is portable and allows small business owner the luxury of using credit cards out in the field. Now instead of gathering pesky pocket change, he can have a customer swipe their card, buy his product, be processed as a sale in the application, and would charge the customers purchase straight to their checking account.

Its a very new and untested technology but it will make paying easier, faster, and more personal.


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